Print Design by Mokai

In the late 1990s I became what was then called a trained Mac Operator. I became a Color Professional, working in print shops doing color separation of analog and digital artwork for four color print output. I also learned typography and photo correction in the tradition of old-school printing.

My Skills

At that time I began working in Adobe Photoshop to manipulate photos and create custom artwork, and in Adobe Illustrator to create vector artwork. I enjoy doing both to this day. I use Adobe Indesign for print layouts for everything from fliers and posters, to book cover layouts and music album covers.

What I Offer

Print promotions still have their place and a good-looking print piece can still have an impact. I can help you decide what format to print and how to best translate your vision into a striking piece. Most print pieces are digitally output by services that offer online ordering. I can help you navigate where to print and handle the submission of your final print piece.

Print Services

I take a full-service approach, helping with fonts, color choices, and design elements, including custom artwork for your entire promotional campaign.